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The 21 March 2019 Supermoon, or the more common name, Perigee Syzygy of the Sun, Earth and Moon system.


Most models of the Moon orbiting the Earth depict its orbit as being circular but we know from Kepler’s Laws that celestial bodies orbit one another in an ellipse rather than a circle. What this means is that sometimes the Moon is closer to the Earth than at other times in its orbit. When this is combined with the Moon being a Full Moon then it’s commonly known as a Supermoon. The last of these occurrences for this year is tonight, the 21 March 2019. At 8:30pm the Moon was 360,242 km away, about the distance it takes light to travel in 1.2 seconds. This is the third Supermoon this year, so basically all of the full Moons this year have been Supermoons.

By comparison the full Moon in August last year was 399,892 km away (1.33 light seconds) and its diameter appeared to be 29.9 arc minutes. Compare that…

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Imagine My City’s Rollicking Start

Papawai Park in Mt Cook. Sunday morning early. And thirty eager children and their parents experienced a drama that involved scientists, artists, actors, gecko- and- weta- wranglers, a talking fish and a shy elusive
Moa which the children chased with enthusiasm.

All part of Nature Through the Arts efforts to help children see the connection between science and the arts and imagine the city they would like Wellington (and Mt Cook/ Brooklyn area in particular) to be.
The initiative is backed by the NZ National Commission for UNESCO.

Nikki Wright spokesperson for Nature Through Arts

Nikki Wright the collective’s spokesperson said that the project draws on international research around children’s growing alienation from nature, now coined as “Nature Deficit disorder”.


You Always Forget the Things You Meant to Say! Re that Interview in the Wellingtonian 15/10/15

What I should have mentioned is that between us Tony Burton and I have five talented and loveable adult children; Nikki Wright, a journalist, Justine Wright , a film editor in London, Tandi Wright an actor, Stephanie Burton a computer architect, Victoria Burton.a teacher, and ten grandchildren.

And I  wanted also to mention that Tony and I both love warbling away. Every week we get together, to sing, with my sister, Jenny Pattrick and her husband Laughton, who is our choir master. (We just happen to be a bass, a soprano, an alto and a tenor.)       Its just for our own entertainment. And its one of the great joys of of my life.