Nikau Palms & Tony Burton

Tony Burton and I are both freelancers.  We do many things together including singing.

Besides being an actor, a craft dyer  a gardener and the Manager of the Anchorage, Tony  has spent  much of the past 35 years working for the Thorndon Society to help save the old buildings of Thorndon. He’s also a commercial grower of Nikau Palms and advertises them on Trade Me. These are large 10 year old Nikaus in 50 litre pots. Ring him on 044727257 if you’re interested.

photo 4.JPGbigger mouth photo 4.JPG Di and To

Dinah and Tony singing at Hamish Maclean’s Ceilidh.

Nikau at the Anchorage, Thorndon


2 thoughts on “Nikau Palms & Tony Burton”

  1. How I love seeing the two of you singing at Hamish’s Ceilidh. It brings back memories of the one we attended with you, I think it was around 1998.


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