Radio Programmes

Programmes Researched recorded written fronted and often produced by Dinah for Radio NZ

Here’s an example of one of my Dinkum Purlers radio programmes.This is Coasters, the New Zealand West Coast voice.

Peacocks and Pink Gin ( travel)

Here is the Maharajah of Bharatpur who features in the first episode of For God’s Sake Saddle Me A Donkey, now airing weekdays on National Radio 10 to 7 a.m. each morning till Jan 19th.


Up the Nile with Burton (x 5 travel) 1991

Dinkum Purlers   14 half hour programmes( 1999-2000)

The Song of Clan Maclean      2 half hour programmes) A Hawkes Bay Ceilidh

Thorndon’s Mafia      (x 2) Demolition and revival of Wellington’s oldest suburb. 2000

Mekong to Mexico     ( x 4 Travel) Includes Vietnam,India Egypt, Venice, London New York, Mexico. (2002)

Drawl and Twang      ( x 28 half hr progs) 2003 NZ Singer Songwriters who sound like NZrs ( 2003-2005)

Conversations with Harry     (For  Radio NZ’s Concert Programme. re entrepreneur Harry Seresin .2014

Many based on recordings done by Dinah for the Oral History Dept of the Turnbull Library. National Library, Wellington

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