Old Thorndon – fresh off the press, updated and enlarged

For the past  few  months I have been working with the wonderful Wellington printer, Wayne Mallo of Valley Print in Petone, to produce an updated and enlarged version of my book “Old Thorndon : Four Walkaways through Wellington’s Historic Thorndon.” (Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and Thorndon its oldest suburb, still breathes an air of the past.)

 “I’m biased about Thorndon and I want you to love it as much as I do.” – Dinah

Thorndon almost disappeared during the great motorway blitzes of the 60’s and 70’s when town planners and developers regarded Thorndon as a slum, destined for demolition. But our local Mafia fought back and against all odds the people of Thorndon won the battle.

This is a glossy 54 page guide full of cartoons, photographs and new maps.

  • A lively readable history of our beloved suburb
  • An invaluable entertainment for bored house guests.
  • What was Pipitea Pa like in the 1840s?
  • What did the diarists Charlotte Godley and Eleanor Petre make of Thorndon?
  • The barmen, bullockies, bigshots and bishops are all here in Old Thorndon.
  • And new maps of our heritage buildings grand and humble.
Old Thorndon: Four walks through Wellington's Historic Thrndon
Old Thorndon: Four walks through Wellington’s Historic Thorndon

If you would like to order now, it’s only NZ$ 15.00,  please contact Dinah.

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